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Shuubun: Beetles wall up their burrows/ azuki beans ripen (1 of 5)

September 30th, 2008
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It’s been raining almost constantly for the last couple of days. One might call it a constant drizzle – the kind that makes you feel like it’s too much trouble to carry an umbrella but at the same time you get too wet if you don’t. The daily maximums have not exceeded 22 degree Celius since Sunday and early scarf-wearing (of the woolen kind) have been sighted.

In wet weather condition, squeaking of bicycles are heard more frequently and mini-van drivers sometimes overestimate the traction of their wheels/ the road . Workers on the road usually wear reflective clothing to increase their visibility and roadwork is often accompanied by some animated warning signs. We have seen a fully animated flat cut-out in the shape of a roadworker waving a flag. We have also seen an animated dummy dressed as a roadworker waving a glowstick. But this one is by far the most electronic.

One Response to “Shuubun: Beetles wall up their burrows/ azuki beans ripen (1 of 5)”

  1. 1 Sam
    September 30th, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Spring in Fremantle. I borrowed Kika’s Mum’s electric lawn mower to do the backyard yesterday as it has gone wild after the winter rains and a little bit of Spring heat. Beautiful day and thought I’d have a crack at it before it gets wet again later this week. Fragrant Nasturcian has tangled its way through most of the yard and blocked access to the BBQ. Lawn is very thick in parts and the electric lawn mower begins moan and smoke as it can’t handle the density. Turns out to have about the same amount of power as a desk fan so I bring in the 18V Whipper Snipper which manages to cut through the mass of tangled weeds and lawn with ease (and it makes a better sound).