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Hakuro: Wild geese come/ shrikes begin to call (3 of 5)

September 12th, 2008

Hakuro 3 of 15

We visited the Kite Museum of Tokyo in Nihonbashi (in Central Tokyo). The museum was set up by the late Mr Modegi Shingo who used to own the restaurant below it. He collected over 3000 kites of which only a small selection is displayed in the very packed museum. These are small minature kites only the size of playing cards. I asked the man who works at the museum about kite flying season. Obviously, many kites are flown in Spring (New year’s day, Children’s day etc.) but Autumn is also a good season. The South wind of Summer is apparently not good for kite flying. The Kite Association of Japan is organising a kite flying day in early October on the Arakawa river bed. I will be there with my video camera.

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